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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Reorganizes Your Consumer Debt

For financially distressed persons who do not qualify for Chapter 7 individual bankruptcy, Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy can be a viable alternative.

The facts you need about Chapter 13 methods are waiting for you right now at the Law Office of Lawrence L. Szabo, serving clients in Oakland, Contra Costa County and Alameda County for 35 years.

During your free initial consultation, our respected bankruptcy law firm's founding attorney will tell you how Chapter 13 offers the opportunity for gradual repayment of debt over a comfortable three- to five-year plan.

You will also learn how Chapter 13 stops foreclosure efforts against your home, threats of motor vehicle repossession, court-ordered garnishment of your wages and harassment by creditors that makes your life miserable.

For decades, Lawrence L. Szabo has successfully handled the Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings of individual and family clients throughout Northern California. He knows the benefits of refinancing debt during a personal bankruptcy and passes that valuable knowledge on to you.

Are you looking for a skilled bankruptcy lawyer who will shoot straight with you? Are you seeking a way out of a financial mess begun with medical debt after a sudden illness or injury, or mounting credit card debt? The Law Office of Lawrence L. Szabo was established to help people just like you.

Your phone call to 510-922-0565 or an email message can arrange your important first meeting with Mr. Szabo — and pave the way for a return to a sound financial footing.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Bankruptcy Checklist

Important Bankruptcy Information - At the Law Office of Lawrence L. Szabo, our lawyers and staff have created the following page as a resource for current and potential clients. If you are going through a bankruptcy, it is very important to know what you need to begin and understanding credit counseling, debtor's education, and the dangers of committing fraud.

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